Diane Forsythe Stands For DUP In South Down


Diane Forsythe is standing in the Westminster election in South Down for the DUP.

In a pre-election statement, Diane said: “Now more than ever Northern Ireland needs strong representation. Sinn Fein has collapsed our local NI Executive and they don’t take their seats in Westminster. Northern Ireland needs a strong team of DUP MP’s to get the best deal as we leave the EU.

DUP South Down candidate Diane Forsythe.

“A vote for the DUP is a vote for the Union. Your vote will help ensure we work together as a United Kingdom to get the best deal for Northern Ireland. Those who are trying to refight the referendum are foolish. The time for Remain or Leave is over. Our focus must now be on getting the best deal.

“I will work to get best deal for our farmers, fishing industry, tourism, health services and education services as well as negotiating the best deals for operation of our border with the Republic of Ireland.

“As a young mother, I have so many worries about the future of my family. There are many challenges which face us and which many would like to see resolved. Like the lack of pre-school places, uncertainty on school funding, childcare, reduced provisions in rural healthcare and more and better jobs, as we continue without devolved institutions in place. Sinn Fein blocking devolution is hurting our community services.

Diane Forsythe, the DUP South Down candidate for the Westminster election, pictured with her family on a morning walk.

“I feel so strongly about the lack of support for the key issues in our local area that I am standing up now and asking for the support of the South Down people to fight on their behalf for a better future as their DUP representative.

“Come 8 June I hope to take the voice of the people of South Down to Westminster to fight on their behalf, standing strong for Northern Ireland and this area.

“If the electorate support the Union and want to see Brexit delivering the best deal for our people they need to Unite behind their strongest Unionist candidates. The DUP candidates across the Province have been delivering for you and will continue to do so. Supporting the mandate of parties who oppose Brexit is backward thinking and fighting a battle which is already lost, forward thinking is now essential,” added Diane Forsythe.

The veteran DUP Jim Wells MLA, a party stalwart campaigner, has decided to take a back seat in this election and has backed Diane as a candidate.