Devlin Calls For Dundrum Road Improvements


Newcastle area SDLP Councillor Laura Devlin has made representations to the Roads Service asking for an assessment of the Dundrum Road particularly in the vicinity of the Old Road near to Murlough Nature Reserve.

Councillor Devlin said: “I am seeking the assistance of Roads Service, as I believe that improvements to roads safety need to be made from Murlough Beach into Newcastle.

[caption id="attachment_45154" align="alignright" width="359"]Councillor Laura Devlin. Councillor Laura Devlin.[/caption]

“Much development has taken place out the Dundrum Road in recent years and I believe that the 40mph limit is in need of being extended out past the Old Road and the entrance to Murlough beach – ensuring that the caravan parks are also included.

“Many people utilise the car park at the entrance to the Old Road then cross to access the beach.  This is a popular spot for local runners and school buses too.  Many people can be standing for prolonged periods of time waiting for a break in the traffic.  This is obviously much worse between Easter and Halloween when the road is heavily trafficked.

“I believe that a re-assessment is necessary in respect of the speed limit and furthermore a crossing at this point would be ideal and well used,” added Cllr Devlin.