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Deadline Approaching For Single Application Says O’Neill
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With 10 days to go until the closure of the Single Application window, Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill has urged farmers not to delay and submit their applications using the online service.

Minister O’Neill said: “Including today, the Single Application closing date of 15 May 2014 is just 10 days away and I would therefore urge those who have yet to submit their applications to do so now using the online service. To date we have received 9,958 applications, with 4,994 being submitted online, 2,256 of which are from first time users.dn_screen

“However, we expect to receive considerably more applications in the time remaining, so now is the opportune time to fully utilise the online system to ensure applications are received by 15 May 2014 and reduce the risk of being penalised for late applications.” 

Highlighting the benefits of the online application service, the Minister concluded: “The online system is secure, highlights any errors and is quick and relatively easy to use. Forms received online mean less processing time for the department, which will result in more farmers being paid earlier. So with 10 days left, ‘help us to help you’ and submit your application online as soon as possible.”