Dan And Inga On Mental Health In Their Monthly Blog

A Mental health blog during a lockdown by Dan Gebski and Inga McQuaid.

A Mental health blog during a lockdown by Dan Gebski and Inga McQuaid.

Dan Gebski, a Polish blogger, said: “Mental health… is not a destination but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you want to get to.”

“As we approach mental health awareness week, it is very important to remember to maintain our own health in general.

Dan Gebski, a Polish blogger in Newry.

“As for me, mental health is something I do really care about it. As most of the people I have had my own demons and struggles. During the lockdown I do try to eat healthier and definitely exercise more as ever.

“Another thing is I switched myself of news apart the weather. Why? I got the message on board so I do not need to be reminded every day how bad it is.Think positive and feed your mind by the stuff you love only. Cut out the negative vibes.

“What about my friend Inga and her views on this?

“Just read below her own opinion and views on mental health and enjoy her great poem.”

Inga’s Thoughts.

Inga McQuaid, a Latvian poet and blogger.

Mental health is a foundation for every human being in their lives. Nothing can make you happy if

you are feeling low and distressed in yourself.

This lockdown can put an awful lot of strain on our mental health, but there are many ways

we can all improve it. Simple things, like having a clear daily routine, taking a walk in fresh air

and having enough sleep and water can do wonders for our wellbeing. I personally find it hard

locked in our house with three kids for eight weeks now, but I ensure that I get fresh air and do all

the things that make me happy. The most challenging thing is not being able to visit my friends and

relatives, but I understand that this must be done to protect everyone .

I even found a new hobby as interior decorating and am making huge progress on our home!

I feel that soon this will be all over and people will regain freedom to go as they please. I also

think that this virus already has and will teach us to appreciate the little things in life, appreciate our

own families, and time which is so very precious.

“I Talk To Myself”, a Poem by Inga McQuaid

I opened my eyes, I took a deep breath..

It feels oh so right, it smells oh so fresh.

The morning breeze has entered my room

So earthly and welcoming , crisp and so gloom.

Will I feel happy ? Will I feel content?

The same old questions enter my head…

With so many rules and so much news

Some days are just hard, nothing to choose.

I do get up, I follow routine.

I go out to breathe and feel oh so keen.

To eat healthy breakfast, have a fresh drink

I have to stay healthy for my own sake!

Today was ok , I did not lose.

I fought my own thoughts, I did not snooze.

I take every day just as it comes

As my mental wellbeing is my number one!

“Please stay active” , I beg myself,

“I know you don’t feel like it every day.

Please listen to music, read a book,

Go out in the rain, if you choose”!

“Please follow routine, you’re doing so great !

Turn off the news, do not be ashamed!”

It can be so challenging, can be so tough .

You have to remember to have a laugh!

For everyone out there fighting your mood

Please talk to yourself, stay positive,good.

Restrictions will lift, do not fret my friend.

Our mental health is our best bet,

seeing Covid-19 to the end !