DAERA Stocks Its Public Waters With Trout For October

October stocking of Departmental waters.

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has stocked the following waters with takeable fish in October 2020:

A Department lake stocked with trout: Lough Money, a few miles outside Downpatrick.

1 October – Brantry, Brown Trout, 500.

1 October – Marshallstown, Brown Trout, 1,000.

2 October – North Woodburn, Rainbow Brown Trout, 1,000.

5 October – White Lough, Rainbow Brown Trout, 1,000.

6 October – Glencrewan, Brown Trout, 1,000.

7 October – Corrany, Rainbow Brown Trout, 500.

8 October – Castlewellan, Brown Trout, 1,000.

12 October – Craigavon, Rainbow Brown Trout, 500.

13 October – Hillsborough, Rainbow Brown Trout, 1,000.

14 October – Lough Money, Rainbow Brown Trout, 1,000.

Details on recent fish stocking can be found on the nidirect website at: 


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NOTE: To fish the Department waters you will require a fishing licence. Check out the website above for details!