Culture Minister Announces Third Anniversary Of Líofa Courses


Culture Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has announced that a series of intensive Irish courses will be held across the north to celebrate the third anniversary of Líofa.

The ‘Dianchúrsai’, or intense Irish language courses, will be held in each of the six counties on 13 September 2014 as Líofa reaches its third birthday. Established with an initial target of encouraging 1,000 people to ‘sign up’ for the Irish language, Líofa has set a new target of enrolling 10,000 people by 2016. Almost 7,000 people have registered to date.

dn_screenIn launching the courses the Minister said: “Irish is a beautiful, living language and through Líofa, people from all walks of life have availed of the opportunity to sign-up to learn the language and work towards their own personal target.

“Three years on from its commencement, we have much reason to celebrate the achievements of Líofa. However there can be no resting on our laurels and I want to increase participation levels across the board.

”That is why I am encouraging both existing Líofa members and new recruits to enrol for these courses which are being held right across the north on September 13th as part of the third anniversary celebrations. The Dianchúrsai are for people of all abilities and there is something for everyone be they at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level.

”Even better, the courses are free and you won’t have to travel very far to find one as they are happening throughout the north. They’re accessible to all and every support will be given to participants both on this course and beyond as their endeavour to improve on their language skills. So why not join in on the Líofa third anniversary celebrations by attending a course – I will,” added Minister Ní Chuilín.