Councillor Patrick Clarke Welcome Tollymore Road Improvements

Councillor  Clarke outlined that residents who were walking on the Tollymore Road would have to walk along parts of the Tollymore Road due to parts of the road having no continuous run of footpath. Because of the Tollymore Road being used as a shorter route to access Newcastle from the Castlewellan Road, residents were also concerned at the speed of some vehicles and their own personal safety whilst walking particular in the winter months. “Parts of the Tollymore Road near built up residential areas do not have a continuous lineage of footpath therefore forcing residents and pedestrians to leave the footpath and walk along the Tollymore Road, this is obviously a serious concern to due to vehicles driving along the Tollymore Road and not adhering to the pedestrians or speed limit.” “I raised the concerns about the both the standard of the road quality of the Tollymore Road as well as the footpaths and speeding, and have now secured a commitment from DRD Roads Service to carry out a road survey which will include an analysis of the existing road layout, and other relevant factors. “I intend to also hold a site meeting to discuss a number of matters regarding the present standard of the Tollymore Road given that this road is being used daily as a diversion route from the Castlewellan Road to access the Bryansford Road and Newcastle. “I hope that DRD Roads Service can agree to a roads upgrade as well as the provision of continued footpaths in the near future,” added Councillor Clarke.]]>