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Council Disability Awareness Working Group Addresses Issues
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MEMBERS of Down District Council’s Disability Awareness Working Group, at its meeting in the Downshire Civic Centre on Thursday 1 November 2012, held informal talks with William Keown of the William Keown Trust and Joe McVeigh, Crossgar Community Association, regarding disability issues in the district.

Down District Council Disability Working Group members met with Joe McVeigh, Crossgar Commity Association and William Keown of the William Keown Trust. Included, back row, are Group members Councillors Patsy Toman, Terry Andrews, Carmel O’Boyle, Chairperson, and Billy Walker.

Members were advised that in a number of public and disability toilets, the height of the seats were too low causing major difficulties for wheelchair users. The use of sliding doors on these toilets was preferable as the current doors were difficult to use by a person with disabilities especially if they were on their own.

Also discussed was the condition of footpaths in a number of the local towns and villages that were causing problems to people with disabilities.

Disability Awareness Working Group Chairperson Councillor Carmel O’Boyle thanked both gentlemen for their observations and experiences from a disability point of view and commented: “It is important for Councillors to be aware of what is good practice regarding making provision for people with disabilities, but more importantly the problems being experienced and what is required to address them.

“The Disability Awareness Working Group will be looking closely at the issues raised and will be working to put solutions in place.”