Council Building Control Announces Online Services

Building Control Launch Online Building Notice and Regularisation Application Service.


Building Control Launch Online Building Notice and Regularisation Application Service.

With more and more people going online for everyday tasks, Newry Mourne and Down District Council’s Building Control Department has added online applications to their portfolio.

A Newry MOurne and Down District Council spokesperson explained that this new service is very relevant during the Coronavirus pandemic, and in the future, to provide you with a faster and more accessible application process.

Newry Mourne and Down District Council Building Control section has added
online services to its overall list of services.

Customers can submit and pay electronically for their Building Notices and Regularisations online from 26 May 2020.  With no requirement for detailed plans, the service gives customers a fast and efficient alternative to the traditional methods of submitting applications.

By visiting:

and selecting either Building Notice or Regularisation Application via the Council Direct website: , customers can quickly register a secure an account by providing an email address and password. Once registered, customers can begin submitting applications and payments online.

The Council Direct website is very easy to use and making an application is a quick step-by-step process ending with a secure payment screen, accepting debit or credit card transactions.

The system also has the ability to handle applications for multiple properties and the built-in fee calculator helps people work out the correct payment each time.

Once a customer makes an application, it is entered directly onto the Building Control Management Information System.  Applications can be validated within 48 hours and you can arrange for an inspection as soon as possible.

With any new service we ask customers to engage with us by submitting applications but please be patient as we may encounter teething problems.

For more information on Building Control applications visit:

or contact the Building Control Department on 0330 137 4003.