Comber Rec Overpower Chimney Corner In Style

Comber Rec performed strongly against a fated Chimney Corner in Round 2 of the Steel & Sons Cup

Comber Rec performed strongly against a fated Chimney Corner in Round 2 of the Steel & Sons Cup

Steel&Sons Cup Round 2.

Saturday 19th August 2023.

Comber Rec 9 0 Chimney Corner.

It was a very bad day at the office for Chimney Corner as the home side Comber Rec blitzed them with a 9-0 victory never once really looking in danger of conceding a goal writes Jim Masson.

This early season performance by Comber showed a keen determination by the side to score goals and play attacking, entertaining football.

This was the second highest scoring match of Round 2 with Dromara hitting 12 goals against Suffolk who scored twice. So both local teams are looking forward to this this competition as it unfolds.

Within minutes Comber were attacking the visitors. The opening gambit was a run from Dylan Willson down the right which eventually fizzled out.

Matthew Tumlison opened the score sheet for Comber Rec with two penalty goals.
(Photos by Jim Masson/Down News©)

Then miunutes later another attack saw Brett McConville just wide in a good break. Comber were feeling their way carefully and building up controlled attacks.

McConville missed another early header opportunity minutes later.

Whenever Chimney Corner attacked into the CVomber half, they were met with an organised defence and stiff resistance. The back line played well passing effectively.

Dylan Wilson made an excellent cross from the right to Conville who struch the ball well on target byt keeper Ryan Martin managed to deflect the well-struck ball which was on target.

Elliot Wilson on the ball for Comber Rec.

A Comber piled on the pressure, defender Joshua Logan gently tripped up attacker Conville and the referee blew for a penalty.

Matthew Tumlison stepped up to the spot and hit a low ball into the left hand post to open the scoring for Comber (13 minutes).

Immediately Chimney Corner bounced back attacking and Jack Campbell hit a powerful shot but it just veered too wide.

Comber attacks were becoming relentless and at a steady pace. On 23 minutes Conville took a corner and the following strike by Lex Walker was just a fraction wide of the post.

The pressure was in Chimney Corner and on 31 minutes, winger Elliot Wilson was up-ended in the box and the referee again awarded a penalty to Comber.

Comber Rec fought for every ball against Chimney Corner.

Conville again calmly converted putting his side 2-0 ahead. The pressure was paying dividends.

Then just minutes later Comber won a free in the right corer area. Conville took the kick and Tumlison found the ball on the right side of the box and slotted it quickly into the Chimney Corner net on 36 minutes.

Chimnet Corner pushed back again and won a corner. And then they won a free kick outside the Comber box. This was a chance to pull a goal back but Leon Carley hit it over the bar.

Comber bounced right back at their opponents and a long pass to midfielder Stephen Flecksaw saw him slash the ball at the goal only to bounce off a defender.

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Then in the continued attack Conville went up for a header in front of the visitors’ goal and the ball bounced back to Walker who stuck it on target only to see a defender block it once again.

Just on the whistle for half-time, Conville ran into the box and crossed to Wilson who knocked the ball in at 45minutes +2 given Comber a huge lead of 5 goals at half-time.

In the second half Comber looked the dominant team and although Chimney Corner was making odd runs forward, they had lost their will to live despite encouragement from their bench.

Comber were playing well as a team, showing sound passing, a steely determination, with a sound defence and hungry forwards up front.

Tumilson tried a low shot on target but keeper martin managed to gather it up well. Dylan Wilson too had a shot at goals but went off balance at the wrong moment and shot over the top bar.

Lex Walker started to forage up the right and made a number of excellent crosses cutting through the Chimney Corner defence.

Pride now was forcing Chimney Corner to press forward but Comber seized an opportunity with an attack by Dylan Wilson crossing to Elliot Wilson on the right which almost produced a brilliant goal.

Lex Walker heads home the ninth goal in style for Comber Rec in their 9-0 win against Chimney Corner.

Simon Hanna was at the forefront of the next attack by Comber which saw his knock the ball into the net past the dazzled Chimney Corner defence.

Conville, who was having a great game, unleashed a volley on target but credit to keeper Martin, who held the difficult ball in the rain with a blustery wind blowing.

Attacks were constant from Comber and Elliot Wilso hit a powerful shot into the Chimney Corner goal moth and sub Stuart hanna tried to head it in but Conville got a toe to it and put it over the line (69 minutes).

Comber were punishing Chimney Corner severely and a Conville volley bounced off keeper Martin only to be tapped in by Simon Hanna (77 minutes).

The last goal came from a Lex Walker header from a corner taken by Tumilson that Stuart Hanna had won. It was the icing on the cake for Comber.

Comber played without team-mate who was suspended for the match.

Overall, Comber were by far the best side in every department.

Comber will be looking forward now to Round 3 of teh Steele & Sons Cup and having a good run. They certainly impressed in their match against Chimney Corner, but tougher duels will lie ahead.

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Comber Rec: 1 Corey Pollock 2 Ciaran Gillan 3 Lex Walker 4 Stuart Moore 5 Reece Whittle 6 Stephen Fleck 7 Dylan Wilson 8 Simon Hanna (C) 9 Brett Conville 10 Matthew Tumilson 11 Elliot Wilson. Subs: 12 Stuart Hanna 14 Matthew Gibson 15 Ben McMorris.

Chimney Corner: 1 Ryan Martin 2 Jack Preston 3 Ryan Clarke 4 Joshua Logan 5 Cathal McQuillan 6 Jack Campbell 7 Cameron Eagleson 8 Dale Mitchel 9 Darren Hayes 10 Ben Killough 11 Leon Carley (C). Subs: 12 J Alexander 14 M Butler.