Cllr McKee Extends Sympathies On Passing Of Rev Adger

The late Rev Adrian Adger of the Clough and Seaforde congregation receives a fitting tribute from Cllr Harold McKee.


The late Rev Adrian Adger of the Clough and Seaforde congregation receives a fitting tribute from Cllr Harold McKee.

The Chairperson of Newry Mourne and Down District Council, Councillor Harold McKee, has extended his deepest sympathies to Karen Adger and family on the sad passing of her husband, Adrian, writes Laura Barr.

The Presbyterian Minister of the Clough and Seaforde congregation passed away on Wednesday 13 January following a brave battle with kidney cancer.

Rev Adger shared his story in his book, ‘Facing Cancer Standing Tall: One Christian’s Journey to Finding Joy’ to help other people going through a similar experience.

Cllr Harold McKee, who lost his son to cancer in 2018, with the late Rev Adrian Adger’s book.

At 54-years-old, Rev Adger was told he had incurable cancer, and as well as writing his book he recorded inspirational videos of his journey.

Mourne Councillor Harold McKee said that in recent years: “Adrian had experienced a battle with an incurable disease which gave him the desire to tell everyone about his love for Christ not only in Preaching but watching his videos or reading his books.

“When I was representing the people of South Down at Stormont I would have called into Clough Community Hall on the last Friday of each month to be assured of a warm welcome and a lovely cup of tea,” Cllr McKee said.

“It was refreshing to speak to the locals there and also to Adrian and his wife Karen.

“In 2017/18 my son experienced a similar trauma when he too was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in July 2018.

“On 13 June 2019, Adrian came to Mourne Presbyterian Church Hall to present his Godly testimony to us and launch one of his books, ‘Facing Cancer Standing Tall’.

“At the end of his presentation, I joined the queue to receive three of his personally signed fascinating books.

“Adrian and Karen both spoke to me in a compassionate manner, understanding the difficulties we faced a few months previous.

“He spoke of how we must put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and give him the glory for taking our son up to his Heavenly Home.

“Since Adrian’s passing, his book has inspired me to read it again.

“Just because Adrian was a Minister and a staunch believer in the Word of God, and one who passes God’s message on to so  many people, it did not make him immune from contracting a disease that would end his earthly life.

“As Adrian’s earthly life on earth has come to an end, his joy of knowing and living with Christ has just begun.

“His work on earth is not complete because many people can watch his video’s and read his Book ‘Facing Cancer Standing Tall’ and will soon realise Adrian faced many trials and temptations in his young life.”

Cllr McKee added: “Adrian knew there had to be something better, which there was… he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

“When I read his book, I realized why he penned Proverbs 3 v 5+6 because he struggled so many times, if he was doing the right thing or going the right places but God had directed his paths.”

Facing Cancer Standing Tall books are available in all Faith Mission Bookshops in NI and locally in Beulah Bookshop, Newcastle.