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Clarke Welcomes Removal Of Anti-Social Behaviour Hotspot In Newcastle
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dn_screenNewcastle Sinn Féin Councillor Willie Clarke has welcomed the removal of a public bench that was becoming a hotspot for anti-social behaviour in a residential area.

Cllr Clarke commented: “I was contacted recently by residents who were concerned with the number of people who were using the bench on the Castlewellan Road, near to Burrenview Way, as somewhere to drink alcohol and the added anti-social behaviour associated with that.

“Whilst it is important to provide benches to the public, the particular location of this bench was poorly chosen and it was not being used for much more than the activity residents were concerned about. For this reason I contacted Down District Council and requested they relocate the bench to a different area of the town.”

“They have now complied with my request and moved the seating to a better suited area of the town, much to the relief of local residents. I want to welcome the quick action taken on their behalf and I hope this will reduce the disturbances being caused to residents of Burrenview Way,”  added Cllr Willie Clarke.