Clarke Comments On Newcastle Cattle Trailer RTA


Mournes Sinn Féin Councillor Willie Clarke has said it was a miracle that there was no loss of life of passers by or road users following the overturning of a cattle trailer at the Central promenade’s Rock area in Newcastle on Saturday morning on 8 April.

Cllr Clarke, speaking after visiting the scene of the accident on Saturday, said: “I spoke to residents who had their front garden walls demolished by the trailer. There was a range of emotions ranging from disbelief, and a great sense of shock, but the main emotion was one of relief that no one had lost their life or had been seriously injured.

The scene near the Rock in Newcastle were a cartel truck turned over injuring a number of cattle and causing damage to local properties.

“This has been a very traumatic experience for all concerned, local residents, the driver and pedestrians had a very lucky escape. I would like to pay tribute to all the people who were involved in re-opening the Road and cleaning up the scene, which was all the more stressful because of the injured cattle in the trailer.”

“I will be discussing with Transport NI officers the feasibility of installing safety measures at this location., The residents are feeling extremely vulnerable given the volume of large vehicles that pass their homes.

“Anything that can improve safety would be welcomed,” added Councillor Clarke.

The Newcastle police were quickly on the scene. A police spokesperson said: “At approximately 10.40am on Saturday 8th April, police received the report of an overturned cattle trailer on the Central Promenade in the Newcastle area.

“As a result of the trailer overturning, three cattle on board the trailer died. The male driver of the tractor was uninjured following the incident.

“A lamppost and a wall nearby were also damaged.”