Clarke Calls For Hoarding Removal In Dundrum

ALLIANCE candidate for Newcastle area in te local government election,Patrick Clarke, has expressed concern about a wooden barrier on the Main Street in Dundrum. “I am calling on Down District Council to urgently resolve the situation regarding 119/121 Main Street Dundrum, which was cordoned off by the Building Control section of Down District Council over two years ago, due to the roof of the building falling into a poor state of repair, and potentially causing a health and safety hazard to the general public. [caption id="attachment_22911" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Alliance candidate for the Newcastle area concerned about the wooden hoarding on the Dundrum Main Street."][/caption] “Whilst I fully understand the dangerous state of the building which lead to the wooden hoarding being erected over two years ago, nevertheless Building Control of Down District Council have not carried out any recent remedial repair work to secure the loss slates on the building. The matter regarding 119/121 Main Street has not progressed to any satisfactory resolution, and furthermore the length of time that the wooden hoarding has been erected is no longer acceptable to local residents in Dundrum “Due to no remedial repair works being carried out to make the building safe to the general public, the wooden hoarding has still remained in place around 119/121 Main Street, which is now causing inconvenience to passing pedestrians and is also making the Main Street look very poor in aesthetic terms. “I have made numerous representations to Down District Council, but to date have been unable to reach any agreement as to whether work could be carried out by Building Control to make the building safe and to subsequently allow the wooden hoarding to be dismantled, which would free up the footpath again along Main Street. “I have requested under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, documents relating to 119/121 Main Street, Dundrum, due to the building being listed as ‘dangerous’, and also being on the listed building database by the Department of the Environment.” “I will continue to make representations to both Building Control of Down District Council and also the Department of the Environment about this issue in order that some form of repair work can be carried out in the near future to make the building safe, and to hopefully allow for the removal of the wooden hoarding which has now become very unsightly and an inconvenience to villagers and pedestrians,”  added Mr Clarke. ]]>