Child Protection Legislation Needed – Northern Ireland Is Another Example


STRANGFORD MP Jim Shannon has expressed concern that many are not learning the lessons of child protection quickly enough.

He said: “During a debate which I had supported to bring forward last week, we were looking at Child Protection a year on from Saville and it is quite clear that we are not putting in place protections quickly enough.dn_screen

“The most recent events in Northern Ireland regarding child protection in care facilities with regards to sexual exploitation is something which I have been working with the PSNI and Social Services to address.  Although I am horrified at what has been recently revealed regarding this issue, I am not shocked.

“I have held meetings with PSNI and Social workers and also held an information evening in the Town Hall to which I invited youth workers, churches and teachers in my area to listen to the Barnardos team as they talked about signs and how to make changes to stop exploitation of children which is happening throughout Northern Ireland.

“When speaking at Westminster I referenced the fact that although work is being done and stricter legislation is in place, there needed to be more support and help to train people who work with young people in the area of child protection. We need funding to train those in the voluntary sector who give up their time to work with children but who need to know the symptoms and how to handle suspected abuse or exploitation and I have asked the Minister to consider this.”