Castlewellan and Kilcoo SDLP Branch Meeting


At the recent meeting of the Castlewellan and Kilcoo Branch of the SDLP, and number of area issues were addressed.

It was felt that there needs to be planting along the central reservation on Mill Hill and for a general improvement. This is currently being looked at by Down District Council and was welcomed by Branch members.

The stretch of roadway beside the Bus layby in the Upper Square in Castlewellan was also discussed and additional yellow lines were required as crossing the road at this point is very dangerous due to the high volume of cars which are parked parallel to the road. Continuing their discussion on the road safety theme, members requested a pedestrian barrier at the King’s Inn which would prevent children running or cycling straight onto the Newcastle Road.  Just opposite this point at ‘Doyle’s Corner’. A dropped kerb is required to assist the disabled.dn_screen Members raised the recurring drainage issues within Castlewellan…notably a patch on the Newcastle Road side of the town’s roundabout and also a severely blocked drain which is located opposite 17 Burrenwood Road. Two blocked drains in St Malachy’s Avenue were also discussed which have been a long-standing issue. This is being pursued by Councillor O’Neill. There is also a the need for improvements to the laneway which runs from St Malachy’s Crescent to St Malachy’s Avenue and Drive. Following representations from the Branch, Translink has now amended their timetable allowing for two bus services to run through Castlewellan to Belfast on a Sunday.  This news was greatly welcomed by the Branch especially those members who attend University in the city and tend to return on a Sunday.  Up until this change, they were having to ask for lifts or get a taxi to Newcastle. The ongoing construction work in the Forest Park to create the new cycle tracks was also discussed. The completed works is awaited with anticipation. However, one concern was how these tracks are due to merge with the current walkways and the issue of safety.  Representations have been made to DARD in this regard.]]>


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