Wednesday 29 May 2019 12:42:51 PM

Casey Condemns Acid Attack On Dog In Newry
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Acid Attack On Dog Angers Newry Public.

Newry Sinn Féin Councillor Charlie Casey has condemned the acid attack on a dog in Newry.

He said: “People in this community are absolutely outraged at this senseless attacked on a defenceless animal. I utterly condemn it.


“It is a viscous and callous attack on a dog and who knows what is going on in that person’s head. They need to be apprehended by the police and dealt with accordingly. There is no room in our society for such attacks.”

Commenting on the report that a dog had to be put down after what appeared to be an acid attack on it in the Pound Road area of Newry, Cllr Casey added: “It is just baffling why anyone would want to do this. If anyone knows anything about this incident I would suggest they contact the police before it potentially escalates into something even more horrific.”