Carlo Acutis On Road To Be Canonised In Autumn

Carlos Acutis second miracle acknowledged by Vatican

Carlo Acutis, the 15-year old who was born in England but lived his short life in Italy, died of leukemia in 2006 and following his life of holiness from a very young age, he is now to be the first millenial saint canonised by the Catholic Church.

In October 2020, Carlo was beatified by Pope Francis and a statement from the Vatican has indicated that a second miracle through Carlo has now been affirmed through his intercession.

Just recently, the reliquary containing a part of Carlos’ heart was brought by Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo to the Parish of Ardglass and Dunsford and people came from far and wide for the masses, services and blessings.

Carlos attended mass daily and received the eucharist and it was through this and prayer that he built his holiness, shown by his acts of charity to the poor and destitute and using his modern talents in computing to create platforms to help the needy by documenting and recording miracles online.

He did not grow up in a very religious home, his parents just went to mass at Christmas, and weddings and funerals. But Carlos’ faith was strong and he eventually brought his parents back to God and to become regular church goers and believers.

Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo from the Cathedral in Assisi in Italy holds the reliquary with the relic of the Blessed Carlo Acutis at St Nicholas’ Church in Ardglass during a recent visit. (Photo by Jim Masson / Down News).

And now Pope Francis is calling a meeting for cardinals to bestow canonisation on Carlo, and this could happen in a few months time.

Pope Francis has not yet announced a date for Carlos’ canonisation but it is expected to be this year on Carlo’s feast day on 12th October.

Carlo Acutis who was filled with holiness, died believing he had achieved all he could in this mortal life and embraced his death through his strong faith and remained composed and calm to the last despite his intense suffering.

The Second Miracle through Blessed Carlo Acutis

Liliana, a woman from Costa Rica, was praying at Carlos Acutis’ tomb in Assisi in Italy for her daughter Valeria who had been involved in a bicycle accident several days previous and had received a serious head injury on 2nd July 2022.

The Vatican has recognised that on 8th July, the mother Liliana had prayed at the grave of Carlos leaving a letter for his intercession. And Lilian’s secretary too had prayed for the Blessed Carlos Acutis.

Her daughter had very significant swelling of the brain and required extensive surgery. The doctors were not hopeful of her recovery.

Then following that visit to the tomb of Carlo by her mother Liliana, her daughter Valeria started to recover rapidly and could breath normally. And incredibly despite all the dark, medical prognoses, Valeria recovered quickly and was able to walk around the following day.

Quite quickly Valeria went into rehabilitation to help improve her speech which was slightly affected.

And incredibly 16 days after the accident, a head scan in hospital showed that her brain hemorrhage has disappeared.

Then to complete the miracle, both Liliana and Valerie went to Carlo’s tomb in Assisi and prayed thanking Carlo for his healing intercession saving the life of Valerie.

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