Business Guru James Sinclair Helping Small Businesses

Business expert James Sinclair who is a somewhat quirky but talented star on You Tube and other social media platforms, is stretching himself to support local businesses facing the difficulties of the Covid-19 epidemic.

He said: “I just wanted to let you know that, while the ‘corona craziness’ is (obviously!) affecting every single entrepreneur and business owner massively, we are doubling down on our efforts to make as much useful, practical, tactical and valuable content as possible to help your business (yes, even in these mad times)!

“In the last week alone I have created content that has covered marketing, sales, money saving, handling staff, the power of storytelling, what to do about the 80% wage situation, how to get cash in your business with grants and loans plus I have covered a LOT of stuff on what the government’s emergency measures mean in real-terms to business owners.

“I am doing multiple live-feeds across our social networks, we are still creating two videos every single week on YouTube and I am doing almost daily versions on my iTunes Top 10 business podcast too.

“We are pumping out a ton of content to try and help as many business owners as we can, so make sure you tune in to some of the practical stuff we’re putting out there on whichever platform you prefer.”

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