Burns Concerned Over Safety On Castlewellan Refuse Collection


Castlewellan Sinn Féin councillor Stephen Burns has said that new arrangements by Down District Council to collect local businesses bins from Mary Street in the town are potentially hazardous to both pedestrians and drivers.

Councillor Burns said: “It seems a number of months ago a refuse collection vehicle was involved in a minor incident in Mary Street which resulted in minor damage sustained to the wing mirror. A safety audit was undertaken which resulted in a new arrangement being imposed where local businesses had to wheel the large bins down Mary Street to a new proposed collection point at the junction of Mary Street and Circular Road.dn_screen

“This new arrangement could have serious implications regarding safe movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The bins are being left on Roads Service property which impedes the desired pedestrian walking line and when the bins are being collected at this location, traffic is forced to come to a standstill causing tailbacks onto the Upper Square and along Circular Road.

“In light of a growing amount of traffic in this area and the added inconvenience to local business people I have contacted both the council and Roads Service seeking clarification on the dangers of this new arrangement and have asked them to look at other alternatives for the collection of refuse from these businesses.”