Brown Welcomes Council Suicide Prevention Fund

Brown welcomes launch of new suicide prevention fund.

Brown welcomes launch of new suicide prevention fund.

Councillor Patrick Brown has welcomed the launch of a new Council- operated funding stream of grants between £500-1000 which aim to tackle suicide and improve mental wellbeing in the District. 

Councillor Brown said: “This grant is a direct outcome of a motion I brought to Council last year and I am delighted to see it officially launched after several delays, most recently due to COVID-19.

Cllr Patrick Brown has welcomed the new Council
suicide prevention fund.

“Given the higher rates of poor mental health and suicidal ideation as a result of COVID, it is imperative that Council does all it can to respond to the mental health crisis and support people through it.

“Whilst small, this is a positive starting point that will provide funding to groups working to deliver projects aimed at Suicide Prevention and the promotion of positive Emotional Wellbeing.

“I am optimistic that if successful it can lead to further money being allocated through the financial assistance programme in the future.”

The suicide prevention fund is part of the Council’s regular financial assistance programme and applications for it along with a range of other programmes can be submitted online via the Council’s grant manager portal.

Applications close on 30th September or whenever funding is fully allocated.