Brown Succeeds In Move To Protect Shrigley Clock Tower

Alliance councillor succeeds in protecting local Shrigley landmark.


Alliance councillor succeeds in protecting local Shrigley landmark.

Cllr Patrick Brown is delighted that the NIHE has opted to release the Shrigley Clock Tower into the ownership of a local community group.

Rowallene Alliance councillor Patrick Brown welcomes the decision by the NI Housing Executive to call for expressions of interest from community groups and public bodies to take over maintenance of the Martin Memorial Clock Tower in Shrigley.

Through a Community Asset Transfer process, ownership of the clock tower will be moved from the NI Housing Executive to another group, with the aim of restoring it to its former state.

Cllr Brown said: “I have been pressing the Housing Executive since last year to do something about the state of disrepair of the old Clock Tower in Shrigley.

“The clock tower has been getting significantly more rundown as of late, with the gargoyles having been removed, stonework damaged and foliage growing all over it.

“While I would have preferred for the NIHE to have kept and maintained the tower, I appreciate that due to budget restrictions this is not possible. As such, I am pleased to hear that steps have been taken to allow another group to takeover this project.”

Cllr Brown added: “This is a great opportunity for an ambitious community group in the area to take on ownership of this important piece of local heritage and apply for funding to restore it to its former glory.

“This doesn’t have to be an existing group, and so could even be a new group set up exclusively to take on the restoration of the clock. I know that both myself and Council are more than happy to assist with the formation of any new organisation and will support them throughout the funding process.

“Expressions of interest need to be sent to Development Trusts NI by the 23rd February 2021, which is a quick turnaround time.

“Therefore, I would urge anyone interested in finding out more about the process to contact me directly, and I will assist in anyway I can.”