Brown Says Finnebrogue Road Needs Footpath Extended

Safety concerns for walkers and runners on Finnebrogue Road says Cllr Patrick Brown.


Safety concerns for walkers and runners on Finnebrogue Road says Cllr Patrick Brown.

Rowallene Alliance councillor Patrick Brown, has written to the Department of Infrastructure to highlight his road safety concerns for pedestrians on the Finnebrogue Road located between Crossgar and Downpatrick.

Rowallene Alliance Councillor Patrick Brown

Cllr Brown said: “Many people in the local community use the Finnebrogue Road for outdoor exercise, such as running, walking, and cycling with young children. Understandably, these activities have become increasingly popular since the lockdown restrictions were introduced.

“While it is pleasing to see more people engaging with outdoor activities which are hugely beneficial for both mental and physical wellbeing, I am concerned about their safety on this road. While a footpath exists between the Quoile Bridge to Cotterhill Road, it doesn’t extend the entirety of the Finnebrogue Road route (currently it only covers approximately a quarter).

“Due to a lack of footpath, those who are exercising along this stretch are forced do so on the road itself. This is worrying because it is a very busy road, with motorists travelling up to (and in some cases in excess) of the 60mph speed limit.

“As such, I have asked the Department to consider extending the footpath to the Crossgar/Downpatrick Road, which itself has good provisions for pedestrians. Pleasingly, they have confirmed that an assessment will be taking place over the coming month to see if this location would qualify for a footway link.

“This will take place alongside similar reviews at other sites across the Down area. I’d like to thank the Department for taking steps to review road safety for those in our community and look forward to receiving the results,” added Cllr Brown.