Brown Presses For Parking Spaces For Shrigley Residents

Alliance councillor pushes for essential car parking in Shrigley.

Alliance councillor pushes for essential car parking in Shrigley.

Rowallane Alliance councillor Patrick Brown is calling for the Department of Infrastructure to address the issues of car parking raised by constituents in Shrigley.

Cllr Patrick Brown (Alliance) is pressing to get parking spaces allocated in Shrigley.

Due to inadequate parking facilities the local residents are unable to park near their properties.

The parking spaces in question are at the top of the Crossgar Road (at the Clea Lough/Shrigley Road end) and the area allocated for residents to park runs parallel to the main road. However, Cllr Brown says that there are no markings outlining each space, so cars often park too far apart.

He added that in addition, there have been occasions where cars have been parked on the grass or double parked on the road saying: “Not only does this prevent street cleaners from effectively cleaning the roads and the drains, but it could lead to a serious collision.”

Cllr. Brown added: “Due to the lack of markings, the area allocated is not being used effectively and fewer vehicles can fit in; forcing local residents to have to search for a place to park each day, often a considerable walk from their homes.

“This is not only inconvenient but also can be dangerous given the amount of young families and elderly residents, who then have to walk in an area with fast moving traffic.”  

He also said that despite the fact that a little further up the Crossgar Road car parking spaces have been marked out vertically from the road (so as to maximise the space), the Department are refusing to alter the direction of the parking bays or even mark out spaces with white lines.

“Whilst I appreciate there may be an expense associated with marking out parking bays, this is a relatively low-cost solution that would benefit local residents greatly.

“As such, I am very disappointed with the Department’s response and reluctance to even meet with me at the site. I hope they will reconsider their decision in due course, as this simple step would be a helpful guide for residents and visitors, allowing for those who live in the area to park beside their homes,” added Cllr Brown.