Bradley Says DUP And Sinn Féin Are Incapable Of Defending Our Place In The Single Market


The SDLP Economy Spokesperson, South Down MLA Sinead Bradley, has called for the Executive to fight to keep Northern Ireland within the single market after a debate on export figures in the Assembly Chamber today.

South Down MLA Sinead Bradley.
South Down MLA Sinead Bradley.

Ms Bradley said: “The DUP are rightly congratulating our exporters, but their breath-taking selective vision when it comes to the economy and the effects of a potential Brexit is as dangerous as it is foolish.

“The HMRC statistics debated today reaffirm that our largest export market continues to be across the island of Ireland. It makes clear that our future success lies in remaining within the single market. The DUP must acknowledge this reality and recognise that it is something we must protect.

“The business community are not looking for congratulations, they are looking for leadership during this period. They are looking for an assurance that we will remain within the single market. This is something that the Sinn Féin/DUP Government have comprehensively failed to provide.

“How can businesses have any confidence in the DUP and Sinn Féin when they are so hopelessly divided on remaining within the single market. Their combined response to the threat of Brexit thus far has been a single unrequited letter to the Prime Minister. This does not constitute an agreed plan. It certainly doesn’t constitute a defence of our economic interests.”