SDLP Assembly Candidate Boyle Says Agriculture Is Key

“The SDLP want to put agriculture at the heart of our economy. “Agriculture has sustained the Stangford constituency and indeed this island and has shown growth even during one of the worst recessions in living memory. “We want to sustain the agriculture economy but much more than that we want to create new opportunities. The SDLP is the only party coming with new ideas on how to grow the agricultural sector and grow jobs for all the people of Ireland. [caption id="attachment_5062" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Ards Councillor Joe Boyle is contesting a Strangford seat in the Assembly election and has made a statement on the SDLP policy on agriculture. "][/caption] “We want to support the agricultural food industry, the food sector and food technology in particular has massive potential for growth and job creation, as does agri-tourism. Both of these sectors need investment; both need support and they need a plan. The SDLP has that vision and plan. “By creating graduate jobs in the food sector and the food technology sector, not only do we aid the agri-economy but we bring about a new economy. “We can be the agri-science centre of Europe, if not the world. “The SDLP believe agriculture can play a significant role not just in bringing us through recession but create a lasting prosperity. We in the SDLP want to bridge the rural and urban divide in our economy. “Agriculture need not be something for only rural dwellers and families. We want to tell people about food production and want to put food production onto centre stage. With the global climate, changing, population increasing and natural disasters all prevalent, food production and food security is a massive issue.” Councillor Boyle added that the SDLP recognized that significant advances need to be made saying that in previous administrations in Northern Ireland, the most important resources have not been advanced. “Last and by no means least, the SDLP believes that the time is now right for a complete review of DARD with the view to making it fit-for-purpose in a modern 21st century and able to cope with the changes occurring in the food industry world-wide on a  massive scale. “We need a department that’s serving agriculture and allowing job creation and one that reduces red-tape. The SDLP is the only party that has that vision for agriculture.”]]>