Bell Welcomes Ulster Scots App Launch as Boost for Strangford


Strangford MLA Jonathan Bell has explained the development of the new Ulster Scots app gives Ulster Scots Tourism in Strangford a boost through mobile internet device users.

Speaking this week after the launch of the Ulster Scots app he said: “Strangford can proudly boast a unique offering in terms of Ulster Scots heritage, language and culture and for tourism and our local economy it is incumbent on all of us to maximise this potential.

“The development of the Ulster Scots app places us in Northern Ireland and in Strangford in particular at the forefront of technological progress and helps maximise and advertise what we have to offer.

“Tourism is one of the key areas of our Programme for Government both in terms of attracting new visitors and in increasing tourism spend – I and I know many others are pressing hard this agenda and the Ulster Scots app gives us a great tool to work with.”


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