Ballynahinch Beauty Aims For Miss NI Title

Ballynahinch beauty Lisa Kachura in the Miss NI heats

Ballynahinch beauty Lisa Kachura in the Miss NI heats

A Ballynahinch accountant originally from Ukraine, is one of the two finalists selected in the Miss NI heats for 2022.

Lisa Kachura (19) who is confident she can scoop the Miss NI title said: “It’s very much now in the final preparation stages that will count. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Two Finalists crowned at the first live Miss World Northern Ireland Heat.

Girls from across the country competed for their place at the Miss World Northern Ireland final at the second live heat of 2022 in Spice, Lisburn, in front of an astute judging panel which included Managing Director of ACA Models and Event organiser Victoria Withers; Owner of Nu Delhi and Spice, Naz Din; Emma Leckie, Marketing Manager at New Life Teeth; Camille Richardson, Owner of Beauty Boulevard; Roisin Gorman, Editor at the Sunday World newspaper; and Cathy Robinson, Dentist and Business & Team Development at New Life Teeth.

At Spice, Lisburn at the last heat were are Liza Kachura (right) and Ellen Knox, also through to the next heat pictured with Northern Ireland & Miss Europe Anna Leitch.

Liza Kachura was crowned as Miss Spice of Lisburn and Ellen Knox a 19 year Queen’s University, Belfast student from Portrush was crowned as Miss Lisburn.

Competition organiser Victoria Withers of ACA Models said: “We were delighted to host another live heat in the beautiful Spice restaurant in Lisburn and continue the search for the next Miss Northern Ireland. This heat had a strong calibre of girls from across the province and the judging panel had and incredibly challenging task choosing two of the ladies to move forward as finalists.

Owner of Beauty Boulevard Lisburn, Camille Richardson said: “It’s great to see the physical heats up and running after COVID. There was lots of great entrants and it’s wonderful to see their determination and enthusiasm about the competition – the final is going to be brilliant!”

Last year’s winner, Anna Leitch added: “Congratulations to Liza Kachura and Ellen Knox! My year as Miss Northern Ireland has been a dream come true. It is something that I will treasure forever, and I cannot thank event organiser Victoria Withers and ACA models enough for giving me this life changing opportunity.

“I would also like to thank all my amazing sponsors too for everything that they have generously provided for me this year as Miss Northern Ireland. It was certainly has been a busy year!”

The competition is still open to entrants with heats taking place across the country, for further details of heat locations and dates please visit:

The next heat will take place on Tuesday 19th April at 7pm.

Lisa Kachura said: “The reason for entering the competition was that I was approached by ACA models and asked if i was interested in entering Miss NI. I am really glad I did. Everyone has been extremely friendly and welcoming and I have gained loads of friends due to this.

“I would obviously love to win the competition but I am grateful for the experience regardless of the outcome! I would love to make a difference in and raise awareness for not only the crisis in the town of Mariupol – which I have spoken a lot about, but also in Northern Ireland in regards to raising awareness for a healthy lifestyle.

“I personally love to workout, and I try and stay away from processed foods and don’t consume alcohol or smoke. Chemicals in the food we consume can lead to tiredness, chest pain, nausea, migraines etc, and as someone that has suffered from terrible migraines, I would know all about that. It would be fantastic to use my platform if I win Miss Northern Ireland to advocate for healthier life choices and inspire young girls to look after their health.

“When I was seven, I entered a pageant called “Mini Miss Top Model Mariupol” as I was born in Ukraine but that’s it. I was invited to the follow up competition for the whole Donbass region in Ukraine after that, but sadly I broke my arm before the competition and my modelling career ended before it even started.”

Lisa added: “At the moment I love drama and I’m with the Belvoir Players acting group and we will be performing in the Sam Cree play Widows Paradise. I have loved acting and drama ever since I was a child and have bounced around different acting classes.

“Tennis is my sport and we have a plot of land near our house that I play in with my brother although I am currently looking into joining a tennis club. My love for tennis started with playing badminton as a child and joining kids tournaments.

“I have transitioned into tennis as it is a lot more practical and can be played in any weather, although if anyone wants to play a game of badminton I would never decline, and it will always remain my favourite.

“Also I have been learning the art of belly dancing for about a year and a half now! I have always found it a beautiful dance and really the movements are an art form! My less active hobbies include painting and watching runway shows.

“Since I was five, I have always been fascinated with fashion and loved to organise catwalks in my living room and getting my family members to attend!

“Apart from learning my dance routine for the final, I am hoping to gain a little bit more confidence in public speaking before I take the stage as part of my preparation. I have found during the heat when I was asked a question and my head went completely blank, even though I had a lot to say, only a fraction of that came out. I have been learning calming strategies and tips to aid me in keeping my cool on the stage, enhance my performance and make sure I do my best!

“I am extremely grateful to have had this experience and the opportunity to do this and I am determined not to let that go to waste!”

Good luck Lisa!