Attwood Looks At Planning Policy

The policy was introduced in 2010 to manage sustainable development in the countryside. Alex Attwood has revealed that many MLA’s are arguing that it is being interpreted differently in different locations in Northern Ireland. The Minister is taking a fresh look to ensure that the policy is being applied consistently throughout the North. He is also gathering figures to see if there are any problem hotspots. Following a meeting with MLA’s at Stormont Alex Attwood said, “For many years in Northern Ireland planning applications in rural areas were simply being put on hold until the policy was established. MLAs, including a dozen I met with in Stormont today, are telling me that the policy is welcome but not being implemented in all cases fairly. “There is a perception that some people are not getting the same opportunity to build in rural areas compared with other parts of Northern Ireland. It would be wrong if that was case, especially given how serious and sensitive this issue is. I therefore want to test that experience and perception. That is why I am announcing this review of how PPS21 actually works in practice. “I am also gathering figures to see if there are disparities between different areas in Northern Ireland. If there is then I will take necessary steps top ensure everyone is treated consistently.”]]>