Ards Council Agrees Dog Restriction In Play Parks


The decision will come into effect later this summer and means that dogs will no longer be allowed into any of the 39 children’s play areas located in towns and villages across the Ards area. dn_screen

Under new powers, local councils across Northern Ireland now have more scope to tackle environmental problems, from fly-posting to abandoned shopping trolleys and these include the option of introducing Dog Control Orders on ‘land open to the air and to which the public are entitled to access with or without payment’. “This is essentially a question of children’s ability to enjoy their play in safety, whether that’s about a boisterous dog knocking a child over or children having to contend with dog fouling” said Councillor Robert Adair, Chairman of the Council Services Committee. “Where play parks are fenced the boundaries are very clear and where they are not, the exclusion applies to the areas of safety surfacing on which play equipment is located”. The Council has also previously agreed to exclude dogs from certain areas of Londonderry Park in Newtownards. The restricted access for dogs to play parks will become effective later this summer, with new signage erected at each play area. Anyone who would like further information should contact the Borough Inspector’s Office at Ards Borough Council, Tel: 028 9182 4005.]]>