Ardglass In Comfortable Win Over Lisburn Rangers


Ardglass 4  Lisburn Rangers  1 AFTER a lay-off from match games since the end of November, Ardglass were back in league action on their home turf against Lisburn Rangers. As the game was minutes old, Liam Mullan was challenging the Lisburn defence and an early rocket tested the keeper. On the 6th minute, Sean Paul Halpen also launched a strong volley from 20 yards forcing the keeper to scramble for a save. As Ardglass piled on the pressure hungry for a win, it was a case of unlucky 13 for Lisburn when in the 13th minute Mark Feenan made a perfect cross from a corner to the head of Chris Teggart who headed the ball down well into the bottom of the net opening the scoresheet for Ardglass, As the game progressed, Mark Feenan started making strong runs down the right wing connecting well with Teggart. [caption id="attachment_19194" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Mark Feenan attacked the Lisburn defence from the whistle."][/caption] But as Ardglass slipped down into second gear, Lisburn tried to raise their game, and the back line of  Curran, Rooney, Deegan and McEvoy  was too strong for them. The game went into a scrappy mode as the players struggled on the muddy pitch. At 35 minutes, Teggart launched a low, hard snap shot for a goal which had the keeper well beat. Ardglass clawed their way back into control again and Lisburn only made a few genuine efforts into the Ardglass goal area. In the 38th minute, Teggart lifted the ball over the pack to Liam Mullan who made no mistake in putting Ardglass into the riding seat with another goal. The second half began with Mark Feenan making a number of clever runs at the Lisburn defenders often teasing them with his deceptively soft touch passing to other forwards. A Mullan shot that  was just over the bar certainly gave Lisburn the message that Ardglass were not going to sit on a three goal lead but they began to flag and tempers also began to crack as Ardglass plied their trade. [caption id="attachment_19195" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Liam Mullan takes an early shot at the Lisburn goal testing the keeper."][/caption] Then new signing for Ardglass, Richard Kerr, got a belated Christmas present as the ball landed at his feet in front of the Lisburn goal while he was completely unmarked.  Ardglass went  four goals up and the supporters were cheering. But soon after, a defensive error aided by a muddy pitch helped save Lisburn from a duck as they claimed a goal back in the 72nd minute. Feenan relentlessly attacked the Lisburn defence to the whistle. James Telford came on as sub with 10 minutes left replacing Teggart adding a freshness to the Ardglass front line. Ardglass manager Leo Kearney was happy with the win in a pitch that cut up very badly. At half-time the referee had said he would monitor play and decide in five minutes if the game should continue. It did. And Ardglass triumphed. Ardglass FC:  Mark Armstrong, Ryan Curran, Lee McEvoy, Chris Deegan Stephen Rooney, Sean Paul Halpen, Stephen Deegan, Mark Feenan, Chris Taggart, Richard Kerr, Liam Mullan.  Subs; Carl Johnston, James Telford, Barry Kearney.]]>


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