Ardglass Harbourmaster Concerned At Level of Dog Fouling


THE Ardglass harbourmaster has expressed his concerns that dog owners are allowing their pets to foul the harbour area in the village.

Heh said that all boat owners and port users had expressed their growing anxieties about dogs running loose in the harbour area or just being left to run off the lead by their owners.dn_screen

Harbourmaster John Smyth said: “We are determined to put an end to this problem. The Northern Ireland Fisheries and HArbour Authority (NIFHA) has recently stencilled “CLEAN IT UP” messages at various locations around Ardglass Harbour.

“In addition to footpath and quayside fouling, dogs also foul the nets which are laid out on the quaysides to be repaired bt our local netmenders. This fouling is not easy to remove from the nets and is a clear health hazard.

“Ardglass is a fishing port and we do need to keep the harbour area safe and environmentally healthy. So I appeal to dog owners to respect this important request and heed the notices.

“With the stretch in the evenings, and more dog walkers visiting the harbour, NIFHA would like to highlight the problem and ask dog walkers to be responsible and clean up after their pets and use poop in bags and dispose of them in the appropriate  bins.

“We do not yet want to resort to more legal restraints and penalties but will be forced to do this if necessary. We already have had the Council dog warden out on a number of occasions and this will be continuing.”