Ardglass: Faces and Places


THIS week I put together a selection of photographs from Ardglass with the help of De La Salle pupil Michael McBride who is on a work placement with me at Down News.

It is not a definitive selection but rather a sample from around the town. I have loads more and will post them up at a later date.

For those who are active Facebooker’s, you can send the link to your Friends and relations around the world. Many of our young men from Ardglass this year  have travelled off to Australia to find work and many tables will have an empty place at the Christmas dinner this year. And many from across Down District have moved around the world some years ago for many reasons. There may be no place like home, but sometimes home is where the job is.

Music is courtesy of Red Biddy, Irish folk/.ballad group singing ‘Take Me Home‘ from their great CD which still is on sale. Just ask Brendan or Terry in Ardglass.

The link to the You Tube slide show is on my Facebook page at

Or just log on to You Tube at:

 Ardglass: Faces and Places


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