Angler Landed in Court After Fishing Illegally


A man has been fined £470 for breaches of the Fisheries Act 1966 after fishing illegally on Castlewellan Lake, a trout fishery managed by the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure.

Paul McCullough of Colin View Street, B elfast, was charged in relation breaches of the Act at Castlewellan Lake in August 2011.

He was found guilty of a number of offences:  unlicensed angling, angling without authority,  failing to give his name and address when lawfully demanded, impeding a person exercising his powers under the Fisheries Act and presenting a fishing licence issued in the name of another person.

In a hearing yesterday at Downpatrick Magistrates’ Court the defendant, who did not appear and was not represented, was convicted and fined a total of £470. The defendant was also ordered to pay costs of £70 and a service fee of £20


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