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Andrews Welcomes Saintfield Leisure Centre Announcement
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ROWALLENE Independent Councillor Terry Andrews has welcomed the announcement that Saintfield is to get a new leisure centre.

Councillor Andrews said: “After years of campaigning by successive  Councillors and Community Groups, I am delighted that Saintfield is to finally get a much needed purpose-built community facility at the B J Caraher site on the Belfast Road  following  the announcement that Down District Council has purchased this property.  dn_screen

“The location itself is quite central with easy access for public transport and those on foot, and Saintfield High School  is also  close by .The new  Centre will be delivered through a Partnership comprising the Council , the Department of Education , Youth Service the High School along with  the Saintfield Development Association,  and local community and sports groups all  of which will be the driving force  and  have a major input and say into the design process for this project.

“All this is good news and is to be welcomed,and I am delighted personally after so many years  that the cherished dreams and aspirations of Saintfield  residents are now to become a reality. I would like to pay tribute to my fellow Rowallene  Councillors ,DDC officials, the Saintfield Development Association and other  Community Organisations, all of who have worked so hard and tirelessly for a long time  to make this happen and all the good news  is due to them.

“I look forward to the not too distant day when the doors open and everyone  will be able to use and enjoy a state-of-the-art building and facilities,” added Councillor Andrews.