Political Profile: Terry Andrews Rowallene Independent

Andrews Calls For Spring Clean In Local Politics. SECOND up in the ‘new kids on the block’ proflles for the council election candidates is Terry Andrews entering the political fray for the first time as an Independent in the Rowallene area in Down District Council. Terry, a well-known native of Crossgar, has been active across the board in his wider community for many years. His campaign slogan is ‘Putting People First,’ and this typifies the selflessness and altruism that drives him on to work tirelessly on many issues and causes for all the people in his community. He from the onset made it very clear that he was not driven by the politics of the past, and  wants to work purely for the welfare of the people in his constituency… of all creeds and religions. Coming from a mixed background, Terry has a unique insight into the two main communities in Northern Ireland and has many friends in all corners of the Rowallene area. For example, he serves as a sacristan in the RC Church of the Star of the Sea in Killyleagh and also is Secretary of the Royal British Legion in Killyleaghwhere the welfare of  ex-British forces men and women is involved. [caption id="attachment_23146" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Rowallene local council Independent candidate and community activist Terry Andrews has thrown his hat into the political ring in a bid to win a seat on Down District Council."][/caption] He said, “I feel that small, rural towns had received very little attention in recent years and Crossgar in particular has faired poorly with inward investment from government and the private sector. If elected I will see this as a recognition of the work I have done in the community over the years and I will contunue to serve with an added enthusiasm. “I attend many multi-agency meetings and have had an input into these. At times ordinary people feel frustrated by bureaucracy. Working with local government is something I have been doing for a number of years. So I aim to help break down that sense of isolation people have in not being heard by local authorities and government agencies. “In working closely with all of the people I will therefore get better value for our community from Down District Council, and other agencies. I am not making any false promises. My personal track record speaks for itself, and people in my area know what I have done and recognise my level of commitment all year, every year, not just before elections like so many other local politicians do. “My politics are not like a big shiny box with nothing inside. I am pragmatic, respectful and understand where our society is coming from, where it is and where it is going. One thing is for sure… politics does not stand still as some parties seem to wish for. “For a number of years I worked as an activist with the SDLP and made a lot of good friends there and I am still in touch with them. In a sense I cut my political teeth with the SDLP and helped out during elections and campaigns. I have always been interested in politics and current affairs. Then I moved to the young South Down Fianna Fail party, but I am really apolitical, that is, I would not want my personal views to influence my practical judgement as a councillor. I think too much time and resources have been wasted in the Council through issues such as the flags row on St Patrick’s Day. It could and should have been sorted out well in advance.That’s what they were voted in to do. This row did nothing to promote our great and historic district.” Without mentioning any names, Terry said that there were some outstanding local councillors on Down District Council who have an excellent work rate in their Rowallene constituency and added, “But really, the time has come for a spring clean of the Council and the voters should vote so they get value for money. On the doorstep during my canvassing I am picking up that people are fed up with the old style politics. [caption id="attachment_23147" align="alignright" width="258" caption="Terry Andrews speaking at a meeting in the Bridge Centre in support of the Save Killyeagh Library campaign."][/caption] “These people are the ones who pay the rates, and maintain the operation of the Council, so I would like to see people more involved in selecting their local representatives. Councillors should be selected on the basis of merit not their associations to political parties or groups or even family ties. It is so important that we get a good Council chamber where everyone is working well together in the interest of all the ratepayers and the wider community.” Some Things About Terry Andrews You Need To Know As A Rowallene Area Candidate * played a central role in reporting the recent bomb hoax device to police in Crossgar and laising with them. *  attends Down District Policing Partnership meetings and raises issues relevant to his community such as anti-social behaviour. * acted as a co-ordinator in the Crossgar Neighbourhood Watch. *  supported the successful cross-community bonfire last year set up by the Community Safety Partnership. * helped set up the Youth Club at St Colmcille’s High School. * supported the campaign to keep the local police station open in Crossgar. * organised  a trip to Lourdes for the past six years. * campaigned for traffic calming measures in Kilmore. Terry’s background Terry Andrews went to St Joseph’s Primary School and St Colmcille’s High School, then worked in a number of positions in the area. He worked at Crosssgar Poultry, at the Downe and the Downshire Hospitals as a porter, as a civil servant at Stormont in the Department of Health and with the DOE Roads Service in traffic management, operation and maintenance. Terry then worked as a postman for a spell. He added, “A vote for me is a vote for common sense and progress. So many of the political parties are stuck in the politics of the past that real meaningful progress is often stymied for party political interest. We need to move beyond this.”]]>