Alliance’s Patrick Clarke Welcomes Murlough View Works


Alliance Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed confirmation received from DRD Roads Service that works will be completed shortly to bring the Murlough View development in Dundrum up to adoption standard.

At present Murlough View remains unadopted which meant roadways and footpaths within the development are not maintained or salt boxes provided by DRD Roads Service.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “There have been a number of ongoing concerns which I have raised on behalf of residents living in Murlough View regarding the footpaths, roadways, no salt boxes and the grassed lower green area which has not been maintained or cut on a regular basis. Over recent months I have been liaising with the developer of Murlough View and DRD Roads service to resolve a number of issues.”

“Following representations to DRD Roads Service regarding the adoption status of Murlough View, I was advised that the developer who built the houses in Murlough View has been declared bankrupt. However as most of Murlough View development is covered by bonds secured by third parties, Roads Service will now be completing the work to bring it up do adoption standard.

“I have also been advised that DRD Roads Service is at present consulting with other statutory services such NI Water and Street Lighting to the amount of work required to bring their elements up to adoptable standard and also pricing a list of roads service remedial work. It is proposed to have a contractor on site at Murlough View in October.”

“In regards the lower green grassed area at the left hand side of the main entrance to Murlough View.  This section of land was transferred during separate land sales of properties by the developer and remains in private ownership.”



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