Alliance Successfully Lobbies For Crossgar Traffic Calming


Alliance councillor secures speed calming measures in Crossgar

Rowallane Alliance councillor Patrick Brown has been in ongoing discussions with the Department of Infrastructure around speed calming measures throughout the village of Crossgar.

As such, it is now agreed that new pedestrian crossings with be implemented to ensure the safety of local residents.

Following concerns from concerned constituents, Cllr. Brown has continuously lobbied the Department to review the measures currently in place, asking it to do more. The problem was further highlighted by reports of motorists travelling at around 80mph through the village twice in a week alone.

Cllr. Brown said: “There is a clear need to address reckless driving sooner rather than later, and not wait for an accident to happen before steps are taken.

“This issue is especially prevalent in built up residential areas. Crossgar is a vibrant village with a growing population, including lots of young families and children. They, amongst other residents and motorists, are all at risk from dangerous drivers speeding through the area.”

In Crossgar, the worst affected areas are around the Super Value garage and the top of Killyleagh Street (before the national speed limit sign). Cllr. Brown pushed for speed monitoring to be carried out in the evening at these locations, however, the Department was unwilling to install speed cameras or other vertical traffic calming measures, such as road humps or speed bumps.

However, the Department has confirmed that it is willing to create two uncontrolled crossing points with centre refuge islands on Downpatrick Road, above and below The Supervalu Garage.

“In addition, Cllr. Brown has lobbied the Department since last year to move the 30mph speed limit sign on the Killyleagh Road entering Crossgar further out of the village in light of new developments at Short Cross Lane.

“The Department has now implemented new signage with the aim of slowing traffic entering the area.

Cllr. Brown commented: “Whilst I am disappointed that the Department is unwilling to introduce further safety measures such as rumble strips or speed cameras, it is pleasing to learn that the crossing points will be created within the next year.

“These islands will improve pedestrian wellbeing at a very busy point of the town, and I hope this will be welcomed by local residents.

“I do feel strongly, however, that the Department should review its decision to ensure it has sufficient precautionary provisions in place.”