Alliance Councillor Clarke Works on Dundrum Village Plans


ALLIANCE  Down District Councillor Patrick Clarke hopes the findings of the Dundrum Village Plan will act as “catalyst” to village improvements including a new play park.

Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke
Newcastle Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke

Councillor Clarke said: “Back in May of this year villagers took part in a ‘Planning For Real’ event which gave them the opportunity to put forward their views and ideas for the development of Dundrum over the next five years.

“The process involved local school children who with the help of a planning consultant made a model of the village which went in display in St Donard’s Hall.

“Locals were then invited to put forward their ideas on what could be done to enhance and shape the village’s future. Further information was gathered from a questionnaire.

“Both were used to form the basis of the Dundrum Village Plan which is calling for a whole range of improvements including traffic calming measures, a pedestrian crossing and a play park.  It also aims to address the issues around flags and the Eleventh Night bonfire.

“The Dundrum Village Committee have presented the plan to the Director of Recreation and Community Services Michael Lipsett, the Housing Executive and Down Rural Area Partnership (DRAP) to try and secure funding and land for a play park. I will be presenting the village plan to Council and other relevant agencies.

“I have already presented the plan to the NI Housing Executive, Roads Service, PSNI, Planning Service and other statutory departments to lobby for and address the key priorities which I feel now need to be addressed due to the findings presented to me,” said Councillor Clarke.

“This plan should help tp develop the  local economy, tourism and environmental potential of Dundrum,” added  Councillor Patrick Clarke.


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