Alliance Councillor Clarke on Carnreagh Road Flooding


ALLIANCE Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed Roads Service agreeing to meet landowners regarding flooding on the Carnreagh Road at Drumaroad outside Castlewellan.

Councillor Patrick Clarke had received complaints from a number of constituents in recent weeks following parts of the Carnreagh Road flooding as well as private land due to excess water running of Carnreagh Road.

He said: “I have been advised by Roads Service that they are aware of the drainage problems along the Carnreagh Road at Drumaroad.

“There is a fully functional drainage system on the Carnreagh road that operates satisfactorily on most occasions.

“But Roads Service also advised me that during periods of very heavy rainfall, water flows off private property onto the Carnreagh Road and there tends to be a very high debris content in this run-off that blocks existing drains.

“Roads Service have now made arrangements to have the drainage system in the area cleaned.

“Investigation work will also be carried out to establish whether it is possible to carry out additional works that would help reduce the possibility of flooding during periods of intense and persistent rainfall.

“Roads Service intend to discuss the matter with local land owners who maybe familiar with the land drainage systems in the area to assist in resolving the flooding problems along the Carneagh Road at Drumaroad,” added Councillor Clarke.


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