Alliance Councillor Clarke Calls For Dundrum Clean Up


“New picnic furniture and artist sculpture was installed at the picnic parks recently upgraded as well as barbecue tables, litter bins, children’s play equipment and landscaping. “Dundrum village as the gateway to the Mournes and Newcastle is a very popular stop off for tourists and visitors before heading on to Newcastle. “Unfortunately the maintaining and cleaning of these new picnic parks and the Main Street is being badly neglected by Down District Council particularly during this present summer season.” However, a Down District Council spokesperson said, “The recent improvements to the picnic area in Dundrum and the playground area off the inner bay road outside Dundrum, have significantly increased their popularity and usage by the public. This has been accompanied by an increased production of litter in these areas. Down District Council has now implemented changes to local cleansing and litter bin emptying schedules to address this increased usage. [caption id="attachment_21426" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Councillor Patrick Clarke has called for improved cleaning schedules in Dundrum and the picnic areas in the vicinity. "][/caption] “Grass in open spaces which are the property of Down District Council is cut following a planned maintenance schedule. Cut grass from 120 hectares is not collected as the mulch acts as a rich fertilizer for the grass.” Cllr Clarke added he had received numerous complaints in recent weeks from local residents and business owners living in close proximity to the picnic parks and along Main Street in Dundrum regarding the overflowing litter bins and rubbish that is being left. He said, “Some local residents have now been forced to clean up around the litter bins and collect rubbish lying due to the bins not being regularly emptied and litter collected “The general aesthetic look of Dundrum is now being downgraded due to lack of adequate and visible cleaning by Down District Council in Dundrum village on a regular weekly basis. “Many of the local businesses are also unhappy due to many of them having erected hanging baskets, and continually cleaning outside their premises. “Down District Council has upgraded the picnic areas in Dundrum village yet has not properly maintained and cleaned them on a regular basis as well as the cutting of the grassed areas and the cleaning of Main Street.” “I have therefore contacted the Council that there be a proper and adequate cleaning rota with sufficient staff for Dundrum Village particularly during the summer months.”]]>


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