Alliance Concerned At Poor O2 Mobile Network In Dundrum and Ballykinlar


Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has voiced his concern regarding the very poor O2 mobile network coverage currently being experienced by O2 customers in the Dundrum and Ballykinlar areas. Councillor Patrick Clarke has now raised the matter with both 02 and OFCOM following a series of complaints from constituents in recent weeks about 02 mobile reception problems and loss of 3G.

Councillor Clarke said: “In recent weeks I have been contacted by local constituents living in Dundrum and surrounding townland areas regarding the drop in 02 signal and complete loss of 02 mobile network coverage signal.”dn_screen
‎”A number of constituents in Dundrum who have mobile contracts with 02 have recently been experiencing very poor 02 mobile network signal and also complete loss of signal as well as 3G being effected.”
“Despite local constituents contacting 02 on a number of occasions to report and complain 02 are maintaining that their coverage in the BT33 area which covers the Dundrum area is not experiencing any mobile network coverage signal difficulties.”
“The stance being taken by 02 continually denying that there is not a problem with their mobile network coverage signal in Dundrum and Ballykinlar areas sounds very hollow when only a few months ago people in the Mournes area also were in a similar situation with 02 until 02 accepted there were problems.”
“I find it quite surprising that 02 are advising their 02 customers that it is their mobile devices that are causing the problem given that over recent weeks I have received numerous complaints all from 02 customers complaining at the ‎ongoing very poor 02 mobile network reception.”
“There is also an ongoing issue of similar poor 02 mobile network coverage in Ballykinlar very similar to Dundrum with 02 customers having very poor or no signal, again 02 have stated that there is currently no difficulties with mobile network coverage‎ signal and that their mobile devices are causing the problem.”
“I have now raised the matter with both 02 ‎and OFCOM and have asked that proper investigations are carried out to establish exactly why 02 customers in both Dundrum and Ballykinlar areas within the last number of weeks are having major and serious problems with 02 mobile network coverage and 3G.”