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Alliance Concerned At Late Night Drinking By Youths In Castlewellan
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Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has raised his concerns regarding underage drinking and socialising late on Friday and Saturday evening along Clarmount Avenue in Castlewellan following complaints from local residents.

He said: “This area is away from the main street  and is being used mostly at weekends by underage and young people to consume alcohol.

“I have spoken to the PSNI and they will be monitoring the area at these times.  The Police have indicated  that there is a responsibility on parents to know the whereabouts of their underage children.dn_screen

“Clarmount Avenue is a very quiet part of Castlewellan with some residential properties as well as outbuildings and storage buildings and yards which makes the area an easy place for young people to gather at weekends.

“Residents are entitled to peaceful enjoyment of their properties and I would appeal to young people to respect this and not be using this street for late night drinking and socialising.

“The PSNI have advised me that local police teams will continue to monitor Clarmount Avenue in Castlewellan.  I will also be speaking to Council regarding improving the  visibility of notices regarding fines for drinking in a public area, and also I will be speaking to Down Policing and Community Safety Partnerhsip.”