Alliance Calls For Pedestrian Crossing In Dundrum

Mr. Clarke believes that it will take an accident or perhaps a fatality before DRD Roads Service will finally approve the provision of a pedestrian crossing, which the village of Dundrum is in urgent need off. He said, At present people especially the elderly are faced with the constant follow of traffic along Main Street, Dundrum when trying to cross.  The traffic congestion is especially high during the morning and afternoons, weekends, and holiday season. “I have been lobbying DRD Roads Service at community level for the provision of a pedestrian crossing on Main Street, and am asked on virtually a weekly basis by people living in the village about the difficultly trying to cross the Main Street.” “With the post office situated at the far side of the Main Street, many people of all ages, but especially the elderly and those with disabilities have had difficulty crossing the Main Street due to the extremely busy traffic travelling through Dundrum village at certain times of the day, most particularly at weekends and holiday periods.  Living in Dundrum village I have also experienced the same difficulty myself when trying to cross Main Street.” “DRD Roads Service has already carried out a number of road check surveys, with the most recent in November 2010, but unfortunately Dundrum village did not reach the numerical criteria for the provision of a pedestrian crossing.” “What will it therefore take for DRD Roads Service to provide a pedestrian crossing in Dundrum?  If it is an accident or perhaps a fatality that will have to take place, then I think DRD Roads Service would need to urgently prioritise Dundrum, due to the flow of traffic that comes through the village to and from Newcastle. “I am calling on DRD Roads Service to meet with me in order to resolve the provision of a pedestrian crossing along Main Street. I will pursue this matter of securing a pedestrian crossing for Dundrum village and will be making representations to DRD Roads Service.” ]]>