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Agressive Dogs Must Be Controlled in Public Says Doran
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SINN Féin Kilkeel area Councillor Sean Doran has called on dog owners to act responsibly to ensure that all safety measures are taken in order to stop any aggressiveness by their pets towards the public.

The call comes following a serious attack on an elderly man by a dog on the Newry Street area of Kilkeel last week.dn_screen

Cllr Doran said: “I would ask the owners of dogs who have them in public places to make sure they are properly restrained or even muzzled. This was a particularly vicious attack and the bite the man received was one of the worst the hospital had seen.

“I visited the gentleman after this incident and it has caused him a lot of distress and concern about the damage that this attack could have caused if a child had been at the receiving end.

“It is concerning that this dog and its owner has not yet been traced and I would ask anyone who has witnessed the attack or has any information about who owns the dog to contact the relevant authorities before this dog attacks someone again.”