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‘Age No Barrier’ Project To Be Delivered Across the District
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On Thursday 15 November, Down District Council’s Equality and Diversity Working Group were introduced to the ‘Age No Barrier’ programme and heard how it was being rolled out across Down District.

Pictured with Karen Graham (Disability Action) are Cllrs Curran, Sharvin, Walker, Andrews and O'Boyle who make up Down District Council's Equality and Diversity Working Group.

Pictured with Karen Graham (Disability Action), front centre, are Cllrs Dermot Curran, Gareth Sharvin, Liam Johnston, Patsy Toman and Billy Walker, with Terry Andrews and Carmel O’Boyle who make up Down District Council’s Equality and Diversity Working Group

Karen Graham from Disability Action, described how the project provided information, advice and support about benefits for people aged 65 and above and how it was being delivered both by professionals and local volunteers. The programme also offers help and support for learning how to use IT equipment such as a laptop or tablet, telephones or other digital technology.

Speaking at the meeting, Karen said: “The project is being delivered by Disability Action, the only Northern Ireland wide disability organisation, working with people with physical, mental, sensory, learning and hidden disabilities. We specifically work with people with disabilities of all ages but this project is unique in that it is designed for older people and you don’t have to have a disability to be included.”

Working group Chairman, Cllr Terry Andrews said: “There is a great need to ensure people living in isolation,  particularly  in rural areas, benefit from the project. I would appeal local people to come forward as volunteers to help deliver this much needed project.”