Aero Fan Angus McBride Says Newcastle Air Show Is Tops


Aero Fan Angus McBride  Says Newcastle Air Show Is Tops

 Dear Sir,

Just a quick note to congratulate everyone at Down District Council for the great Festival of Flight in Newcastle on Saturday 10 August.dn_screen

I am a big fan of everything aeronautical and have attended many air shows over the years throughout the UK, Europe and USA. Saturday’s event was extremely enjoyable and very professionally run. The mix of aircraft was great and the back to back nature of the programme was excellent, despite the challenges of not having a near-by airfield.

The event was the one of the best shows I have attended in recent years and this sentiment has been shared by a number of like-minded friends I have spoken to since. The tide being in this year during the show made a big difference for spectators as the planes were able to fly closer to the crowd line while still maintaining their safety margins, giving good views for everyone.

The Portrush airshow in comparison has become quite stale in recent years in comparison with very average acts and little variation in the programme. Each year the planes are further and further out to sea, making it much less enjoyable for the crowd. A number of people I spoke to said they would not be attending Portrush this year having had such a good day in Newcastle.

Hopefully the Council will have seen the benefits of holding the event and will continue to build on this in future years.

Yours, Angus McBride. Newcastle.]]>