Down News, the first fully online newspaper in Co Down  established in 2009, is now building its advertising portfolio and is happy to talk with businesses and organisations about their online marketing needs.

Down News is particularly interested in working closely with small businesses to help them get their name into the market place.

A revolution is taking place in business marketing and many businesses are now addressing online strategies as part of a marketing mix.

It is now time to talk to Down News, an award-winning Internet newpaper, to help you get on the ladder of online marketing at low cost.

The introductory rate offered is exceptional value for money. Our philosophy is to explain what we are offering you, without the ‘hard sell‘. We believe our product should sell itself once understood.

For an investment of a few minutes of your time, you could save yourself ££££££’s. Start on a journey of positively marketing your business through this difficult recession.

Down News gets around  4000 hits a week on its website (and increasing), and the traffic over the week is around 12,500 for a seven day period. This has even peaked at 113,000 of a reach for one week. This higher figure is due to coverage of main summer events.

An Advertising Feature may be promoted too through Facebook. The age profile of the main users’ group on the Down News page is 17-35. But Down News Facebook has a wide age range of  Friends from 17-70. (This figure is objectively generated through the Facebook Insights database which is completely reliable and accurate.)

Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and other social media tools are also used to help spread the marketing message.

Reap the Benefits of Advertising with Down News:

–       Reach a wider client base by marketing online at relatively low cost.

–       Show off your products and services to a growing audience.

–       Plan your marketing stategy with an online dimension – create your marketing mix.

–       Link your marketing campaign to social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Digg etc

–       Connect with those surfers who are interested in your product and want to interact, and build a strong pre-sale relationship with them.

–       Benefit from feedback from your prospects and customers.

–       Raise your profile in a competitive market

–       Establish customer loyalty.

–       Increase sales and repeat business.

–       Help get your brand established – boost your business, corporate image.

–       Help increase referrals to your online business.

–       Utilise the expanding rural broadband market as more homes and businesses come online.

–       Join the ranks of those business people finding smart solutions to make sure their business has a future.

–       Invest in the world’s growing GLOBAL advertising trend.

–       Turn your leads into opportunities.

–       Create a flexible advertising package that can respond to market changes.

–       Boost your efficiency and responsiveness to customers needs.

–       Make your business more sustainable and competitive.

–       Attract more people to your website and improve your Google rankings.

–       Stay connected to your customers 24/7. Earn while you sleep!

–       And… it’s a no brainer! Grow your business online today, or there may not be a tomorrow.

Just a click to your website or Facebook page and more customers

Down News is a progressive young company.

 We are happy to talk to local businesses to find the right online solution to match their needs.

Join the marketing revolution – be a winner with Down News, an award winning Internet newspaper.  In 2011, Down News won the Best Use of Social Media category in the Down Council business awards.

What we offer for general online advertising

–       Ad banners – linking to your website, Facebook page etc

–       Advertorials – based on an in-depth interview or copy supplied, with supporting photography by Down News.

–       Advertising features – covering a wide range of businesses areas.

–       Public Notice section

–       Social media support  – Down News helps to get you business viral.

–       Friendly advice on your marketing needs with advertising at a realistic price.

–       Packages to suit your pocket and business needs.

Ad Sizes.

(For general advertising)

1.   305×150 pixels (home page or inside page)

2.   305×150+ pixels (home and inside page)

3.   600x150pixel  top strap (one)

4.   650×250 pixel rotating link on home page (one)

5. Alternatively, an icon such as a skyscraper ad format can be made up to suit if required., a FREE internet newspaper

–       well designed modern website

–       easy to navigate and inviting

–       excellent content

–       updated daily

–       photography from an experienced press photographer

–       a growing surfer and social media base

Take the Simple Steps to Get Online

After discussing your initial ad, the information will be processed and if written copy is involved, a text will be sent to you for your approval, as with an ad icon.  (It is important to use your own logos and material where possible to reinforce your branding effect.)

The ad will then be placed on the website in the relevant section and your account for this item will run from that date and an invoice will be sent to you.


There comes a time when you have to decide: “am I in business, or in the business?” Down News empowers your marketing development and gives you more control over where your marketing budget is going.

Down News is already proactively marketing through a number of channels including email, e-zines, social media, SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation), and leaflet drops.

On the (Down News) website and there are a number of new and innovative marketing strands to be developed soon adding to this already strong mix.

Down News is a dynamic young business that wants to talk to you. Get in the conversation today.

Phone 028 44 839262 or 028 44 615690

and ask for Jim