Getting Down To The Business

DOWN NEWS was set up by myself in October 2009 and has grown since then as a popular Internet newpaper in County Down.

Just within one year of setting up in business, Down News was delighted to have won the Best Use of Social Media award category at the Down District Council  Business awards in 2011.

Located at the Down Business Centre in Downpatrick, in the beautiful country of St Patrick, it has strived to professionally produce news and sports stories of interest backed up by quality photography.

Down News aims to be at the heart of the community, and is keen to support local businesses in the tough times of this recession. Our approach is not a hard sales/advertising pitch but more one of partnership, where we hope to help your business or organisation benefit from its experience in marketing online.

We live in a post-Good Friday Agreement era and it is our aim to treat everyone with the highest respect and esteem, and to those ends the company has adopted an equal opportunities statement involving staff training and awareness to ensure good practice in the way we conduct our affairs.

Given the environmental difficulties our planet faces, Down News has also adopted an environmental policy to help play its part in cutting down waste especially in its carbon footprint. To this end, for example, we do not use a FAX machine as it consumes too much paper and prefer electronic information management instead of folders and paperwork for accounts and  records.

Like many small businesses, Down News is facing the difficult economic climate. But in the teeth of adversity there is always opportunity, and many organisations, businesses and individuals are now having to work more in inclusive partnerships and co-operation with others. Down News is willing to encourage this spirit of co-operation among ALL of Down’s businesses and citizens.

Down News is keen to support the vibrant voluntary and charity sector in the county, and acknowledges the vital role volunteers play in our society in many areas. They are our unsung heroes, and heroines, and should be acknowledged.

Down News is open to anyone who wants to convey a story or piece of information that may be of interest to the public of County Down. Vibrant community feedback, and contributions particularly letters are welcome.

By creating an innovative Internet  newspaper medium that is considerably interactive and responsive using several social media platforms, Down News will continue to grow in its public appeal and be of benefit across the County.

‘Our door is always open.’

Happy surfing!

Jim Masson

(Managing Director).



028 44615690

Down News Ltd

Office 2 Knowledge House

Down Business Centre

46 Belfast Road


Northern Ireland


BT30 9UP.