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Alliance Calls for Peace Maze Road Signage in Castlewellan
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COUNCILLOR Patrick Clarke (Alliance) has written to both DRD Roads Service and the Minister for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development regarding the provision of road signage for the world’s largest planted Peace Maze in Castlewellan Forest Park which was planted back in 2000. dn_screen

Councillor Patrick Clarke said:  “A number of constituents contacted me regarding the lack of adequate road signage informing drivers that there is a Peace Maze in Castlewellan Forest Park in Castlewellan.”

“The peace maze is the world’s largest permanent hedge maze yet there is no proper road signage to inform drivers.”

“One of the constituents who contacted me and who runs a business in Castlewellan believes that better promotion of the Peace Maze and also road signage would help attract even more visitors into Castlewellan and surrounding areas particularly now the new £1.8m Mountain Bike Trails and purpose built pump track built in Castlewellan Forest Park has just opened.”

“I have asked the DARD Minister to advise me of any future plans by DARD to work with DRD Roads Service regarding the provision of erecting road signage to promote the Peace Maze in Castlewellan.  I have also asked the DARD Minister about the present resources currently committed by DARD into promoting the Peace Maze in Castlewellan.”